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ToNEKi-Media is an innovative and dynamic advertising agency that specializes in creating and marketing high-quality restaurant guides. Our goal is to build a bridge between culinary delights and hungry explorers by connecting restaurants and guests in an unparalleled way.
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Our services:

  1. Comprehensive restaurant database: At ToNEKi-Media we have built an extensive database of restaurants, cafés, bistros and culinary hotspots. Our team of experts carefully collects information about the best eateries and dining experiences in different regions.

  2. User-friendly platforms:We develop user-friendly and intuitive platforms, be it as a website or mobile app to make our Restaurant Guide accessible and easy to use. With modern design and smooth functionality, we enable users to effortlessly find the best restaurants.

  3. Creative content and reviews: Our experienced team of food bloggers and gastronomy experts create appealing content and objective reviews of the gastronomic establishments. We not only want to make it easier for our users to choose a restaurant, but also offer them inspiring insights into the culinary world.
  4. Targeted marketing: ToNEKi-Media uses innovative marketing strategies, to increase the visibility of our restaurant guides. We rely on search engine optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, influencer marketing and other digital advertising methods to help restaurants increase their awareness.

  5. Collaborations and events: We promote synergies between restaurants and other companies by organizing collaborations and events. This creates unique culinary events and offers that attract guests and open up new opportunities for restaurants.

ToNEKi-Media stands for quality, reliability and passion for good food. Our passion for culinary discovery is reflected in our Restaurant Guides, which help enrich the dining scene and promote food culture.

Trust ToNEKi-Media as your reliable partner for unforgettable culinary experiences and discover the best restaurants in your city.

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