Being, becoming, big and the smallest particle, everything


Being is a fundamental concept that encompasses the existence of everything that exists. It describes the existence of matter, energy, space and time in our universe. Becoming refers to the constant change and development of things and beings while they exist.

In physics, "the all" refers to the universe as a whole, including all galaxies, stars, planets, and other objects. It is often viewed as a cosmic structure that is in constant flux.

The smallest particles are the building blocks of matter that are studied in quantum physics. These tiny particles, like quarks, leptons, and bosons, make up atoms, molecules, and ultimately all material things.

On the other hand, cosmology deals with the study of the big, such as the origin, development and structure of the entire universe.

Taken as a whole, this concept encompasses being, becoming, the smallest and largest parts of our universe and enables us to explore the complex interplay of nature and the cosmos.


Being, becoming, great; and smallest particle, all that.

These words are a profound meditation on the nature of reality. They suggest that everything that is is in a constant process of becoming. Even the smallest particles of matter are not static, but are subject to constant change.

This process of becoming is not chaotic or random, but follows a certain order. This order is what we call the "everything". All of this is not something that exists outside of us, but something that is within us.

When we understand these words, we can begin to see reality with new eyes. We can see that everything that is is interconnected and that everything is in a constant process of change. This realization can lead us to a deeper understanding of the universe and our place in it.

Here is a possible interpretation of these words:

These words can be understood as a kind of mantra that helps us to see reality with new eyes. You can help us find a sense of unity and peace.